About The Gallery Goddess

Hi, I’m Vicki Bower. The Gallery Goddess started out as a college project for my Social Media and the Arts class, led by Linda Solomon, a self-proclaimed “Twitterista” and Social Media dynamo. Through the short 15 weeks, the Gallery Goddess became an authority on “Gallery and Arts Management divine guidance and illuminations, with a New York focus.

The Gallery Goddess now has over 2000 followers on Twitter, and enjoys participating in Social Media of all forms.

I’m currently a junior at SUNY Purchase College in Westchester, NY, reconsidering my career path of Gallery/Arts Management. I might be pursuing an MBA after completing the current Arts Management degree. I am building on a very successful Gallery Management AAS I acquired from Hudson Valley Community College (they REALLY KNOW what they’re doing!!). In addition to the Arts interests, I have an Associate’s Degree in Computer Information Systems I grabbed in the 90’s just before the year 2000 NONapocalypse. Before that, I went to college for a year in the late 80’s for Fine Arts and Marketing. It’s nice that things are coming together.

The “GalGod” also makes art and you can see my creations in my Etsy Shop, DrawnNQuartered

Contact The Gallery Goddess (Vicki Bower) by emailing theGalleryGoddess@gmail.com, or  Tweet me!

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