What is a Portrait? Part II

portraitAfter much research, I have yet to definitively pin down universally-accepted guidelines as to the exact specifications that create the distinction that labels a (human?) likeness to be a portrait.

I did, however come up with some video resources for people wishing to create portraits in a variety of mediums.

Portrait drawing tutorials:

Part 1 How to map out the face – Proportions by Pinsetter1991 on YouTube:

Speed Drawing Painting How to draw a portrait from photo by Stefan Pabst


David Gray:

Learn how to paint a portrait, with Bud Lustenhouwer:


How to Sculpt the Portrait in Clay – sculptclay.com by Steve LeGrand:



~ by The Gallery Goddess on June 14, 2013.

2 Responses to “What is a Portrait? Part II”

  1. Vicki, I’m wondering, why does the definition of “portrait” need to be pinned down? It can be just about anything that reflects a human presence. I think all of my pastel paintings and photographs are self-portraits but only rarely do I appear in them.

    • Precisely. This is exactly what I have found. I started this research because my current exhibition at the 386 Gallery is a portrait show, and wanted to provide guidelines. I have found that a portrait can be many things, even of something inhuman!
      I would definitely say your work is self-portraying. I would think your body of work to ultimately be an autobiography of sorts.
      I miss you. I would love to show you my little gallery. Let me know if you come north!

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