PRESS RELEASE 386 Grand Opening Exhibition Reception Albany, NY 4/5 6pm

Contact: Vicki Bowergallerysign

Cell: (518) 256-6437

Buried treasure hidden in Davey Jones’ Locker! Grand Opening Exhibition Reception of 386 Gallery on Delaware Avenue, Albany NY

ReMergence Art Exhibition, April 5th – May 27th, 2013 Opening Reception: Friday April 5th, 6 – 9p.m.

386 Gallery at (Davey Jones Locker) Albany, NY presents ReMergence, an exhibition of New York artists: Aja Apa-Soura of Sagittarius Gallery and photographer Christine Neely. Also shown: Alisha Lang, Ruth Alma, and Eamonn James. Mary Greschak, Vincent Tocco of Existing Artists, and more.

Aja Apa-Soura will also be painting live during the reception.

 ReMergence is the act or process of coming forth into view from concealment. Our staff as well as artists are emerging having worked through adversity, using it to fuel us to succeed. Additionally, we are merging artistic styles into a harmonic symphony of vivid beauty and empowerment This endeavor is produced by The Gallery Goddess,

 Aja Apa-Soura has always, in her own words, “been creative and made things.” She always knew she would translate her creativity into a career. Through perseverance she has realized her dream, inspiring thousands (including our own “Gallery Goddess”). Her thick, impasto creations highlight femininity and beauty in the world, and sometimes great sense of humor. Most recently her “Grumpy Cat” paintings have gone viral and are causing quite a stir worldwide. Find these and more of her work at

 Christine Neely specializes in environmental portraiture; lifestyle, studio and underwater photography. Her graceful, serene, underwater portraiture subtly accentuates and plays off the womanly softness of the subject matter maintaining a quiet strength. Her work both contrasts Aja’s bold strokes of color, yet emphasizes a communal emphasis of female beauty, fun and strength. Her underwater portraits are just one of the collections that make up her body of work, see them all at .

See videos of the 386 Gallery’s progress at:

 Sponsors: T&J Soaps

386 Gallery shares space with Davey Jones Locker at 386 Delaware Avenue. 386 Gallery is the result of the hard work and vision of Vicki Bower, along with Robbilee Luedtke, Ray Noble, Kyle Smith, and others who love art.

A very special thanks to Chuck George and his team at Davey Jones Locker for their generosity and enthusiastic support (recognizing talent and capability). 

386 Gallery(at Davey Jones Locker)

386 Delaware Avenue, Albany, NY 12209

Every Day 12 pm – 6 pm




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