New Toys n’ Stuff for 386 Gallery

I blogged last week about the gallery I was entrusted with in Albany.  It’s nicer than I thought.  We have been sealing trim, patching holes and sealing cracks and it is being painted today and tomorrow.  I am so excited and happy to have the space, but must admit it’s a little unsettling, being 100% responsible for the quality outcome of an exhibition. I am staking my reputation and the livelihood of artists I respect and I really want to do this right. 386logogoodcolorstartGOODsimpleFIRST ONEtransparent

I made the logo, a Facebook, Youtube and a Twitter.

I ordered some things from Amazon for the 386 Gallery.  For our first reception, I want to make a great impression.  I also have a strong desire to “keep it green” and use as many eco-conscious choices as possible.  Being that I just graduated and haven’t yet been hired by an amazing company that recognizes my awesome talent, I don’t have any expendable income.  I decided to follow some of my predecessors in art gallery history and throw caution to the wind. I invested a chunk of my tax return in a few decent things that would definitely make a difference and wanted to share it with you.

driverThe first thing I bought is rechargeable, so that at least satisfies a tad of my green initiative. It’s a  Makita DT01W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver Kit.  I actually just brought it in from the porch and can’t wait to use it.  It was less than $100, is 12V, and even came with two batteries!pitcher

The next thing I grabbed from Amazon was an Inflatable Salad Bar for less than ten bucks with FREE SHIPPING.  I’m not posting a pic, come to the reception to see it in action! However, its design should save a little on ice consumption, and that ultimately saves energy, and keeps things cool and fresh.

I bought this  Prodyne Fruit Infusion 93-Ounce Natural Fruit Flavor Pitcher  that is BPA-free and allows us to serve water without using too many bottles. I’ll be sure to only use organic fruit in the infuser to reduce the chance of pesticide ingestion.


I am so excited to offer a nice reception for my artists and visitors.  I hope everyone has a good time and enjoys the art.  I am planning on making some great snacks as well.  Of course, I will take pictures.

The reception is Friday, April 5th at 6pm at 386 Delaware Avenue, Albany, NY, in the Davey Jones Locker Aquarium Supply building.  We would love for you to attend!



~ by The Gallery Goddess on March 7, 2013.

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