Exhibit your Art in Albany, New York with The Gallery Goddess, Vicki Bower, BA, AS, AAS

“We are all here together.  We are each so awesome.  Let’s be awesome together.” -tGG

This is a call for art and art gallery (all aspects!) volunteers and interns.  I will be reviewing submissions of good quality images of great art to show in a gallery space I manage in Albany, NY. Things I will be looking for are quality of execution, professionalism in communication, and a cohesive concept behind a body of work of four pieces or more. I am just starting out after finishing my Arts Management degree January 22. I will be posting more on the gallery as I revamp their web presence, Artists’ Contracts and exhibition terms over the course of next week. It is not a freestanding gallery.  It is a designated gallery space in the back portion of a climate-controlled retail store with smooth white walls, lots of light, video surveillance, and an alarm system set into a close knit suburban community of individuals who value art, education, community and culture in general. As I see it right now, there will be a 35% commission due the gallery from any art sale for installation, reception and publicity expenses (walls, wine, and cheese, and print materials), but I can give you a more complete process and downloadable contract by the end of next week.


  1. QUALITY images or a link to your website.  If I can’t see it, neither will anyone else.
  2. titles
  3. medium
  4. dimensions of the work
  5. a letter of introduction and your theory behind what you’d like to exhibit
  6. I would like your CV or resume but understand if you don’t want to release your intellectual property yet.
  7. There are no deadlines yet but when I announce them I assure you my deadlines are NOT flexible so that I maintain control of workflow and quality.

to TheGalleryGoddess@gmail.com and I will seriously consider you. At the moment I am open to almost anything as long as it is made with quality and attention to detail, “PG-13” (safe for family viewing) and does not infringe on anyone’s human rights. I encourage all mediums of creation! Well written communications representing cohesive thought accompanying clear images will be considered first. Read below for more information.

—- E  X  P  A  N  D  E  D   INFORMATION—- (good to know, a lot to read)

More about me:The Gallery Goddess

You might know me as my “real” self; I’m Vicki Bower, “The Gallery Goddess” (Click on that link, and it will take you to my LinkedIn profile). I have recently acquired a gallery space of approximately 500 square feet in Albany.  I will provide more details soon, but will assure you this is a nice little gallery with smooth walls (white at the moment), lots of light, video surveillance, and an alarm system set into a close knit community of individuals who appreciate art, education and culture in general.  I will be measuring walls and creating an electronic mockup of the space this weekend.  I will be revamping the website and showing you that as well within the next week. It will reopen after having been closed for over a year, with the first exhibition being April 5, during Albany’s 1st Friday monthly event.

If you are anyone who knows me or follows my communication (@GalleryGoddess on Twitter, My FaceBook), I’m sure you have confidence that anything I put my hands on will have a great degree of quality and pride behind it. I excelled while obtaining my degrees in Gallery Management and Arts Management, which both sit on a firm foundation of a previously earned degree of Computer Information Systems. I have over two decades of professional experience. I welcome your interest and questions. I also welcome volunteers from all over the world. I am an extremely genuine person who believes in honesty and humanity.  I have lots for us to do, and you can help me from anywhere, and get a nice resume builder and a letter of reference!

I also make art and have since I was 3.  Like most of you, I can understand how hard it is to be an artist in an electronic, mathematical world, creating art for all to see but trying to make sure all can see it.  I have a firm grasp of computers and the internet and capitalize on this aptitude by serving as an ambassador between the art and electronic realms that we exist between. I also understand the time and HEART you put into your work and respect that and wish to have other non-artistic folk understand the value of that as well. In addition to creating beautiful and thought-provoking visual experience, I would like to sometimes educate and enlighten as well, perhaps enhancing the quality of life for the viewers and giving them something to take back with them to contemplate and use in their own human experience (I would LOVE to have willing artists give artists’ talks beforehand or even a week or so after).

This exhibition opportunity goes well beyond that of having one’s art  shown for a month in a nice gallery that is open 6 days a week from 12-6pm.  I am a social media DYNAMO and your name will be continually broadcast to over 4,300 people that love art, and rebroadcast by all those that also love art and “The Gallery Goddess.”  I will also be including a video of each exhibition in an archive on the website, as well as posting it on my YouTube and also on Vimeo, with links to artists’ CVs, personal websites and social media, and online galleries where one’s art can be purchased. In addition, I will also be submitting to StumbleUpon, Redditt, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest and more! This opportunity is a perpetual marketing machine for your art.

I am also open to acoustic musicians and photographers, videographers, gallery assistant and PR interns and guest bloggers. Musicians and audiovisual professionals would get maximum professional exposure and a great reference and referral opportunities from our web site.  Interns can get college credit (I don’t mind doing the paperwork, I’ve been there!) and a small place on our website to feature their educational endeavor/talent and a possible chance to show their work or be a curator of an exhibition.

Let’s DO THIS!!! I am here for you… let me see your art!

~The Gallery Goddess~


~ by The Gallery Goddess on February 28, 2013.

6 Responses to “Exhibit your Art in Albany, New York with The Gallery Goddess, Vicki Bower, BA, AS, AAS”

  1. I would be interested ti exhibit have a look at my blog hwpenn.wordpress.com and hannophenn.wordpress.com you can email me see about me . I would love to hear from you .rgs. Hanno

    • Thanks for your interest. However, I have clearly outlined submission guidelines. I am very organized to ensure the best exhibition possible. Please review my latest post regarding my call for art and email me the link, but *MOST PREFERABLY* the images. I do not have time to go “hunting,” no matter how big the prize.

      • You should have my email now. Thanks for the reminder to a fellow blogger.Much appreciated.

      • Rude emails (such as the one to which you are referring) and passive aggression will not be tolerated. I offered a service. I was polite and considerate and expect the same. I will not be treated negatively because one couldn’t follow directions and expects me to have to time to go to numerous URLs to review one’s work.
        In addition, as I have stated, literacy is important at least in this particular case. Please be respectful and professional in all correspondence if expecting to be taken seriously.

      • All right I made a mistake that I put my blogs in my comment .Fair enough . I don’t see what is rude about to inform you that I have send you a email.
        If you don’t like my work fine .If my english is not american enough fine . than thanks for nothing. Have a nice Day and good luck with your other replies.

      • Hi Hanno,
        I appreciate your interest. I appreciate the diversity of the world and enjoy its languages and have a firm understanding of the barrier they may create. However, rude is the same in any language. Like I said, we are all here together.
        I wish you the best in all you do.
        Thank you,

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