This is of my favorite Social Media articles, written by Robert Caruso. As someone who has recently developed a passion for Social Media, I have also had moments of exasperation and frustration during my social media experiences, and do much reading on the subject of how much, how often, how essential…. I agree wholeheartedly that it is to be used *when necessary.*

I’ve seen many killing themselves to be everywhere at once, and this takes their focus away from where it should be. I do believe that it should be used strictly for making relationships, and the trick in this is to be able to identify those relationships worthy of one’s time. When I was in my “Social Media in the Arts” class at Purchase College, one of the first things we learned from “Twitterista” extraordinaire Linda Solomon, was  to make sure you “walk the dogs” (each social media platform one opts to participate in is a “dog” that is high maintenance and needs consistent, regular attention) and not start with too many! If you can’t walk all those dogs, the result will be disastrous and a huge waste of time.
I am revitalized and refreshed after reading this article. It was great to see such an objective and realistic approach to the subject. Not everyone needs to be everywhere, all the time. Find a few good avenues and stick to them. As Robert says, “… spend your time and efforts wisely, …use this incredibly powerful medium of social media marketing in a way that furthers your goals, revenue and results.”


In a single week recently, I had two conversations within two separate Facebook posts on this topic. Both conversations really boiled down to two things.

1) Using time most effectively

2) Doing activities that get real results

Let me outline the two conversations and include another situation that is becoming much more common…

Conversation 1: It all started with this chat message from a young lady I have been coaching for her social media agency. “I want to be somebody and I feel like I have to do everything I can.” The conversation was about her wanting to blog, do weekly videos on YouTube, etc., in order to become a “name” in the industry.

My Response was as follows: Do you want a name or to make money? If you want to make money, don’t waste time doing things that don’t accomplish that.

The young lady responded with: Both. I need to…

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