A very well-written article by Robert Caruso on BundlePost on “understanding the social media paradigm.”


Social media is a completely unique, relationship based marketing venue that is more similar to real world, offline networking then it is to digital marketing. The age-old term “word of mouth” just doesn’t seem fitting when the platforms used are in fact digital, yet have a similar, albeit compounding effect.

As I was thinking about the unique aspects of social networking and it’s marketing cousin social media, word of mouth came to mind, but just didn’t seem to fit. We know that it used to be that when someone had a negative experience with a company, they would tell ten people. If they had a good experience, they might only tell one. With the proliferation of social media, those numbers have multiplied exponentially due to the digital component.

I think the best way to sum up social media marketing is with the term “Word of Mouse Marketing“.


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~ by The Gallery Goddess on January 17, 2013.

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