Thank you from the Gallery Goddess!!

I wanted to shout out a heartfelt “Thank you!” to my followers so far!! I just reached 50, even without being able to maintain this blog to the degree that I wish.

As some of you know, I am going to Purchase College for Arts Management and proudly declare that I am in my LAST semester, and have carried a 4.0 for the last 3 years! This semester, I have Fundraising for the Arts, Intro. to Gallery Management (more of an Art Gallery History class), and my senior project.  It has not been easy, or even fun, but perseverance pays off and I will have my sheepskin in January, if all goes well. What you don’t know is that I am working on my senior project, and it is a doozy, so that is YET ANOTHER reason why I have been so unavailable! If you would like to reach me, I am on Twitter as @GalleryGoddess and also FaceBook, and have a little shop for my own art on Etsy.  I’m actually everywhere, just Google “The Gallery Goddess” or “Vicki Bower Art.”

In the meantime, my daughter gave birth to my second grandchild, Olivia Abigail, two weeks ago, so I running upstate like crazy to meet my new GrandAmazing who joined the GrandAwesome, Vincent Reace, who is now 2. I am their “Vma.”

Big changes are coming, and I will keep you updated.  I must say I am sorry that despite my initial plans, I haven’t been able to interview two wonderful Art St☆rs that I respect and appreciate, from upstate New York, Robin Alexandria Kettner-Zebrowski, an amazing photographer and artist and married to Albany’s best kept secret,  DJ OFI, one of our past Art Star interviewees, and also Sarah Martinez, also a talented artist and Director of the Annual Fund at Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation that facilitates the Viewpoint Gallery. Sarah is also married to one of our past interviewees, Jason Blue Lake Hawk Martinez. I don’t do anything halfway, and they each deserve my 100% when we get together.   Let’s hope they are still willing to be interviewed after I graduate in the end of December!
Not to mention Ms. Hurricane Sandy rocking my world down here for the past two weeks, and the jet lag from Daylight Savings time, I am hoping to get back on track and start sharing excellent Arts Management news and Social Media tips, along with the interviews with amazing people again by January 1st.  I would also appreciate your input if you have any requests that I research or write about for you and am also open to featuring those ambitious, proactive artists that just reach out!



~ by The Gallery Goddess on November 9, 2012.

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