IRL the comic, by Danielle Jensen and Jamie Beebe

I went to Junior College at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY with Danielle Jensen. She was there for the Fine Arts program and I was there for the Gallery Management program and our paths crossed in a few classes, and she also tutored drawing in the Art Studio as Studio Assistant working for instructor, artist, and musician Thomas Lail. This beautiful young artist majorly impressed me with her talent.  Her art is phenomenal. She also impressed me with her bubbly  vivacity and her humility when it comes to her mastery of visual art.  She is one of the best fine artists I have ever met. She has since moved to the state of Florida to continue her art education and I only went as far south as my little spot in Yonkers (13 miles north of NYC), while I finish my degree in Arts Management at SUNY Purchase (one more semester!!) in White Plains, NY. I miss the sound of her lilting voice but now that I’ve seen this, it helps me miss those fun days when we were  in the art studio at  HVCC a little bit less.

I had no idea that she had collaborated with her boyfriend, Jamie Beebe (responsible for a good portion of the jokes, Danielle is lucky girl!), to create this comic, “IRL” and now I’m  hooked.  When you are done with this one, click on it and it will take you to their website so you can see the rest.  New comics come out every Monday and Friday.  GREAT Stuff!

Little Hulk gets fashion advice from hie Jolly Green brother.


~ by The Gallery Goddess on June 27, 2012.

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