It is SOCIAL Media, right?

I’m a nice lady. I give everyone a chance.  I believe that after all my second chances in life, I owe it to the universe to give people the same.

Today I tried to follow someone on Twitter, only to find out I was blocked.  Why? I wondered.  I didn’t know this person, but she had OK artwork and a decent-ish blog, so I figured she was someone I could learn from/promote/network with.  I used the contact form on her blog to ask her why and this is what transpired…

To: Webmaster
> From:
> Vicki Bower
> Message:
> Hi E***. I’d love to connect with you on Twitter, but it says you are
> blocking me. Did I do something you didn’t like? I’d like to rectify
> this and be able to share content.
> Thanks,
> Vicki (The Gallery Goddess, @GalleryGoddess on Twitter)

Less than five minutes later, this was the response I got:

Hi Vicki,

I just had a look at your @GalleryGoddess twitter account.

I block just about everyone that follows me & calls themselves anything like:
Arts Management  or Social Media (anything)
also anyone with claims to be an internet Marketing (anything), unless their name is Seth Godin or @Mashable..

That is my personal choice.

No, I will not unblock you.  I cannot believe you have contacted me to ask.

I am flabbergasted.  How ANTISocial! How could someone that calls themselves Artist be so closed minded?  I truly do not understand.  She looked at my Twitter?  If she did, she would have seen nothing negative, and only the best intentions towards my artist brethren. I tried to write her back, but she had already blocked my email. What I tried to send her is:

Hi Exxx,

Of course I would want to contact you. Twitter is, after all Social Media. I have never been shut out from anything without an explanation.  I am sorry for any inconvenience.  I was marketing nothing to you.  I was reaching out with the best of intentions, I wasn’t looking to do anything other than network with someone who seemed to know what they were doing (I wanted to share your blog).  I am an artist. I became an Arts Management student to help artists.

I wish you could expand on why this has a negative connotation, but understand if you do not.

I had no negative intentions, just thought it would be great to connect. I regret the missed opportunity. I feel with your strength, I could learn a lot from you, and share my extensive network of awesome artistic individuals.

Good luck in your future endeavors.  I wish you the best.

Vicki Bower

Knowing human nature, she’ll see this at some  point.  I hope it puts a tiny crack in the concrete of her obstinance. I hope at least it makes her think. Why would you block out any possibilities based on opinion and fear/misconception? I must say, in the long run, I am grateful to that person for showing their true nature right up front.  That is not the type of person with which I surround myself.

Does anyone else out there block people solely on what it says in their profile description?  It would be interesting to know.  I have “Arts Management” in my profile so I can find people of like mind.  I have a passion for Social Media. I am also an artist. I’m not looking to sell anyone anything.  Does anyone have a recommendation regarding this matter?



The Gallery Goddess lugging art!



~ by The Gallery Goddess on June 21, 2012.

4 Responses to “It is SOCIAL Media, right?”

  1. Don’t take it personally. Some artists are their own worst enemys.

  2. There are some strange people out there, Vicki. Easy to say, don’t let it bother you, but I know it would bother and, yes, hurt me. You have been judged with absolutely no right of appeal.
    I sometimes think we get sucked into a kind of false intimacy through social media, and things like this I try to view as a wake-up call to remind myself not to over-invest in ‘virtual’ relationships. There was someone I got on great with and thought I ‘knew’- I made a joke and she unfollowed me; no explanation, nothing. It’s difficult to judge tone and nuance without eye contact and body language.
    But your woman is just plain rude, and the rudest thing she’s done is make you feel as though you’re at fault. You’re not; she is. So let it go. There are enough closed minds in the world – you don’t need another one.
    All the best.

    • Thanks, Glennie. I appreciate your insight. “I sometimes think we get sucked into a kind of false intimacy through social media,” is very true. Being one that has been “around” since there was no internet, I sometimes think the same of relationships built on line as I do those is “real” life (I even met my significant other of 9+years online!). I also get accused of being “too genuine” sometimes but living in my authenticity, I cannpt grasp the concept 😉
      Much gratitude for the kind words and different perspective. I thank you also for the personal experience you recounted, and I’m sorry that was disappointing, but glad you used it to gain (and share) wisdom. I guess part of the joy in the world is the unpredictability!

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