Good Online Resources for Drawing Lips

So yes, I also make art.  On days like today, when I am home with myself and precious TIME, I try to create if I feel so moved. Being an Arts Management student, I am afforded very little studio art classes so I teach myself.

     I must say, in addition to finishing college in my forties, I teach myself with the assistance of the ever-valuable internet.  I don’t NEED to take classes. I have the whole world to teach me! I like to draw.  I will occasionally post good tutorials and lessons I find and put them in a “Drawing” Category.

I have been wanting to learn to draw lips.  Since this is my own school of art, I can make today’s lesson just that, LIPS! I have found numerous great tutorials online about this, so I am sharing them with you.


How to draw lips (mouth): girl, women, lady. – Realistic lips tutorial step by step.

How to Draw Lips by – very full lips, with mouth closed or open.

– Very easy Kids’ tutorial, good for beginners.

How to Draw Lips by David Clemen on (video) (part of the How To Draw Faces series)

tooth cylinder concept from Stan Prokopenko in “How to Draw Lips” lesson

How to Draw Lips by Stan Prokopenko -VERY in-depth, excellent tutorial including anatomy.  Great culmination if you do the tutorials above, first.  This one shows you how to draw lifelike, realistic lips.

     Do you have any suggestions? Let me know, and I’ll share them forward!


~ by The Gallery Goddess on May 23, 2012.

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