iOS vs Android: The next civil war?

Is this the next big prejudice, what kind of PHONE you use?  This has my hackles up a bit.  Now, not only are we prejudiced on the basis of sex, weight, race, religion, wardrobe, hairstyle, dietary preference, but now one can be classified by their CELL PHONE OPERATING SYSTEM?? I mean, I am engulfed in the art world, and have seen my share of snobbery, but…

oh, come ON!

The comments in this article, “iPhone users: Android is ruining our Instagram club” by Emily Dreyfuss at sheds some very human light on how ridiculous (biased/ educationally deprived/ privileged/closed-minded/deluded/ self-absorbed/ignorant/oblivious) some people are, even in the “information age, ” and they’re happy to admit it.

These iOS users are upset that Android users are suddenly joining them inside the cool, wonderful walls of Instagram, presumably not because they think the iPhone is better than Android phones, but because they think iPhone owners are somehow superior to Android owners. – Dreyfuss

(photo by “incredibleguy” George Thomas, Creative Commons license)

~ by The Gallery Goddess on April 6, 2012.

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