Exhibition tonight, Thomas Lail at Masters & Pelavin, 13 Jay Street

I’m excited that I will be picking up a classmate and attending the opening reception at Masters & Pelavin, 13 Jay Street, NYC tonight to see Thomas Lail’s  “The World We Have Lost,” which starts at 6pm.

Thom Lail uses collage as painting “haunted always by Goya’s disasters and the gritty realities of Courbet.  Lail’s works look to a better, once-dreamed future—perhaps a regained past that never was—to map a fleeting dream of Utopia” (masterspelavin.com, catalogue available). This exhibition runs until May 19th.

I studied drawing as instructed by Thom (he teaches in the Fine Arts department on many levels) in upstate NY and he created new portals into vision and perspective that I had never before known to exist.  He is approachably generous in his multifaceted wisdom. His teaching guided me to an overall level of higher consciousness that will remain with me until I no longer breathe.  On a personal level,  he is a patient, enthusiastic father as well as a supportive, perfect compliment to my friend and mentor, Tara Fracalossi (an artist by her own rights and Gallery Director and Gallery Management instructor at Hudson Valley Community College). I also know Thom to be an excellent musician, and a creative catalyst to all he knows.

I am looking forward to his “Dreams for Buckminster Fuller,” described in the catalogue,  “Modernist structures and idealized communities to form the domes and maps of futurist / architect Buckminster Fuller.”  I love Masters & Pelavin gallery!   The reception runs from 6-8 and normally I find free parking within a 5 minute walk.  I’m looking forward to a hassle-free trip with lots of good times and of course, GREAT art!

collage by Thomas Lail


~ by The Gallery Goddess on April 5, 2012.

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