… Enter the Gallery Goddess, Illuminator of All Things Artlicious and Social Media

Hi, I’m The Gallery Goddess, and bestow Arts Management & Social Media Illuminations, w/ a New York focus. I’m an artist and SUNY Purchase College Arts Management student Vicki Bower. (I also create random art.) On Twitter: @GalleryGoddess.

I have two Associate’s degrees; one in Computer Information Systems and one in Gallery Management. I graduate in May of 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts Management and am pulling a solid 4.0 (straight As!!).

The Gallery Goddess

Every day I am enchanted and delighted, appalled and disgusted, enthralled and devastated with art and technology and live with my main focus on Social Media and the Arts (immediately after family).

I started with a Tumblr about a year ago. My blog, however, is not about me but about the art I encounter, learn about, hear about, and dream about. I am merely a source and vehicle of delivery to impart this knowledge and amazement unto others. I am “bestowing” it upon you by making full use of the miracle of Social Media.  Enjoy!  Please, follow my blog and share your thoughts and discoveries with me.  I am here to live life to the fullest and make this world an even more wonderful place.


~ by The Gallery Goddess on March 17, 2012.

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