March Interview: artist Jason Blue Lake Hawk Martinez ~ “Hawk gets bruised, bloody, broken wing trying to love his hemorrhaging neighbors”

“My paintings depict a union between the sappy sweet and grotesque… I am creating a visual world laced with mythological elements, abstracted pop symbolism and depictions of familial relationships to compose a beautifully twisted fairytale landscape of neo-mythology and spiritual reclamation.” – JBLHM

1. How long have you known you were an artist?
I have been an artist since the day I could make a mark. This is my philosophy in the class room as well. Everyone is an artist. Children are the best artists.

2. What sparked your interest causing you to pursue this career?
I am driven to make art. It is my way of storytelling. Art helps me to understand the world in balance.

3. What is your favorite artwork that you have done to date?   eenie meenie….”The Mystic Storm.”

4. What would be your dream job?  Full time artist.

5. If you weren’t an artist, what would you like to be doing for a living?  Clergy/Teacher/Healer

6. Where do you think your talent came from? YHWH/IAM/G-D

7. Do you have any specific ways to keep the creative-ness flowing when working on a project?  Prayer, Love, & music

8. Who is another artist that you look up to?Why?
My wife Sarah Martinez. I am always excited by her mystical visual communication. She brought love and gouache into my life.

10. What would be your best advice to anyone wanting to pursue this career?
Go for it! Live. Love. Be. Believe. Trust in your heart and you will fly on hawk wind wings.

11. What music do you like?  Name three favorites.
Liturgical music: Coptic & Gregorian Chant • Punk&Metal: crust, black, thrash, doom, etc • Folk: Current93, 60’s, psych, apocalyptic, multiphonic, and old ballads

12. What is your favorite dessert of all time?  Cheesecake

13. If you were the topic of tabloid headlines, what would the headlines read?
“Hawk gets bruised, bloody, broken wing trying to love his hemorrhaging neighbors”

14. If a movie was to be made about your life, What kind would it be (horror, comedy…) and what actor would you like to see play the role as you?
It would be silent educational film starring Daffy Duck as Hawk. “That’s all folks!”

17. What’s been the hardest thing you had to do in the past year? Live.

16. What’s your favorite drink? Coffee or Water

17. What was the last movie you saw in the theater?How was it?
The Smurfs. It was nice to sit in the theatre with the love of my life (my daughter Bella Symphony).

18. What do you drive?   2011 Toyota Corolla in “Gun Metal Grey”

19. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, for fun?
Reading, Making things, Spending time with my wife and daughter, talking to G—d, Listening to music, Watching & Waiting for the sky to fall.

20. What’s your greatest accomplishment so far?  (Isa)Bella Symphony Martinez.


Jason Blue Lake Hawk Martinez lives in upstate New York with his wife of 11 years, artist Sarah Martinez, and daughter Isabella Symphony. His artwork is sold at Mimosa Gallery Saratoga Springs. He is an art instructor at the Doane Stuart School. 


Jason’s website and work:

Jason at

Jason Blue Lake Hawk Martinez’ Curriculum Vitae

Email Jason Blue Lake Hawk Martinez


~ by The Gallery Goddess on March 13, 2012.

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