What an Artlicious weekend…

My feet hurt and I’m a tiny bit hungover but this weekend has been amazing so far. Today is the last day of the The Armory Art Show in NYC. I saw over 120 international artists and countless other US galleries in a whirlwind of color and creativity yesterday.

Running concurrently is the Fountain Art Fair, is an exhibition of avant garde artwork. It’s still on until 7pm tonight.  I was surprised by some fun, unexpected performances that really spiced up the evening. I ran into a few friends as well:

☆ KC Orcutt, writer and creator of Keep Albany Boring

☆ Samson Contompasis, all around art demigod and proponent of Living Walls Albany.

☆ artist Paul Heath, aka “Dumb Won” (I now have one of his mugs and it’s full of mint tea right now!)

Tony Iadiccio, artist, gallerist and visionary of  Albany Center Gallery.

☆ Artist Scott Michael Ackerman of Lovebird Studio and his lovely Acacia Marie Fusco

It was an amazing night. I took many pics, met some great new people, too, and will share them with you this week. If you can still get to see the shows today, DO. … and wear comfortable shoes!

The Gallery Goddess and a new friend (“The King.” 20012. Painted wood. Veikko Hirvimäki )


~ by The Gallery Goddess on March 11, 2012.

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