Melodie Provenzano Stop Animation Video

I was so happy to find this.  I was lucky enough to see her work in Albany two years ago, and fell completely in love with her imagination and her paintings and drawings.

Melodie Provenzano is a New York-based artist. Winning a coloring contest at 3 years of age sealed her fate. After graduating from Parsons with a BFA, she spent a decade painting window displays for fashion companies, such as Saks 5th Avenue, Hermes and Donna Karan. She finally found her unique voice through fine art, setting up still lifes and painting and drawing from observation. “I am inspired by objects: figurines, glassware, golf balls, plastic animals, etc… I see inherent personality and meaning in the way things look, and I resonate with the emotions that they suggest to me. I move things around until a balanced composition and a loose narrative appear. Little green apples may suggest bounty and tradition, a miniature plaster head may speak of art history, and a toy microphone may project expression for everyone to hear. I make both drawings and paintings directly from observing these self created make-believe scenes and invite the viewer’s interpretation.”

Melodie is currently working on a solo show to be exhibited in the Fall of 2012, at Lyons Wier Gallery on West 24th Street in NYC. Please visit her website for more work or follow her news on Tumblr. (Interview with artist by ARTchipel Feb-2012)

More on Melodie on ARTchipel


~ by The Gallery Goddess on March 2, 2012.

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