Street Art in New “Lost Girl” TV series.

     I use GetGlue, an entertainment social network, and have been hearing about great shows through the people I’ve friended there.

    I recently started watching “Lost Girl,” a racy Canadian fantasy-based show from 2010. It’s fun and a bit hokey without being juvenile and has a nice modern feel to it.  It’s definitely appealing to the female persuasion, but the fact that the main character is a SUCCUBUS would also attract the guys, don’t you think?  _My_ guy likes it.

     The episodes I saw (1&2) were filmed on location in Toronto, Canada. I noticed the street art everywhere. I know and love a few New York street artists and understand how hard it is to sometimes get even a second look. I imagine what an honor, or should I say honour, to have one’s artwork featured in such a show and decided to see if anyone had documented it.  This is what I got.  If you have any other info, I’d love to be enlightened on this subject.

The location is a alley way off Queen St W in Toronto
The Street Art is a reference to the song “The Dog Song” by Nellie McKay

I got this from For more on this, click here.


~ by The Gallery Goddess on February 20, 2012.

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