Pub says ‘bottoms up’ to nude life drawing classes in the bar

IT IS a cold, cold night in Glasgow and I am on way to see people naked in a pub.

The name of the pub is the Flying Duck. The name of the night is All The Young Nudes. It is a life-drawing club. Every Tuesday, for two hours, around 50 people gather here in a back room down a back lane with sketchpads and cans of cider. This is, perhaps, the only bar in Glasgow where a Stanley knife taken out and laid on the table implies not a threat of violence but an intention to sharpen one’s pencils.

There are three models working tonight: Katrina, Gabriel and Ron. The artists find it helpful to have a choice of ages, genders and body shapes. Ron is 58, silver-haired and greyhound-thin – “I’m not Arnold Schwarzenegger,” he later confides. Katrina is 26, film-noirish with an auburn bob and toenails painted red to match her lipstick, somewhere between ingenue and vamp. Gabriel is 30, a Hungarian neuroscience student, with a “What are you looking at, pal?”…

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~ by The Gallery Goddess on February 13, 2012.

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