Bear with me.  I’m getting my bearings.  I just got this semester’s schedule all buttoned up and should be back on schedule by the beginning of next week. I’m taking Art and Entertainment Law, Marketing for the Arts, Junior Seminar (teaches researching), and my FAV…. a Teaching Assistant position for the Social Media and the Arts class taught by Linda Solomon.

     Here’s a great article by Steve Pavlina, author of another time management Article “Do it Now”, that I thought was totally on-base, given my extensive college experience:

   10 Tips for College Students is a great article full of excellent, reasonable advice such as “Take at least one extra class each semester” and  “Reclaim wasted time during your classes,” both of which at first glance may not seem feasible nor even fathomable, but are amazing advice that I never would have considered. Believe me, once one gets stuck for an extra two semesters at a college because of scheduling or curriculum issues, it put educational efficiency into a clearer perspective.

    In addition to “schoolin’ it” I am also abiding by the final rule:

                         Have some serious fun!

    Last semester I was too serious, and the only person it weighed on was myself.  This semester has been much better so far, just because _I_ made it better.  Know that in the long run, we our the ones who shape our own destiny.  It’s in our hands to create something that works for us!

   I may be posting a little less this semester but that doesn’t mean I have any less to say.  I hope I can share the bulk of it with you to appall, annoy, excite, and inspire!


~ by The Gallery Goddess on February 2, 2012.

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