The Gruesome Side of Huckleberry Finn

“I spent a week alone in the gallery,” the stout Spaniard told me, “It was a special week, of recreating the drawings from my original sketchbook in charcoal on the gallery walls.” 

Though Moix said his telling of the classic allegory “is not different,” even a casual glance at the work presents a challenge to that statement.  The colorful, almost frenetic canvases were punctuated with curious, darting sets of wild eyes and hauntingly gruesome images (in one, a stack of severed heads resembled a horror-show totem pole; in another, a saw gripped by a slime-green monster-ish hand hung above a sky-blue body silently screeching an impending doom).  If the interpretation was unique, the journey of the river winding along from confused boyhood to unwavering adulthood remained in tact…


~ by The Gallery Goddess on January 27, 2012.

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