Oh, hey, can you see?

I’ve started a monthly series of Artists’ Interviews. Click on the “Interviews” link in the second line of my menu under the pic of the Gallery Goddess.

The first was Neener Stott (Jan 2012), amazing artist and illustrator of “Accidental Animal Homicide: The (macabre) Coloring Book Project.“  Here’s a link

Next month we will have Utica, NY artist Tony Thompson, who is also collaborating on a coloring book with me, “Just Add Color.” He is a man with great talent, and strength.  He recently triumphed over some pretty hardcore battles.  Read about his struggle and victory and what makes him my favorite contemporary artists in February!!

March will be the intricate Jason Blue Lake Hawk Martinez, and April with be the rythm master,  DJ OFI! He’s provided the music for many an exhibition and art event in the Albany, NY area.

I am excited to be so lucky that there are so many great artists around! I will be interviewing people I know personally and those who “knew me when.” Please don’t let that shouldn’t stop you for asking for an interview.  Starting in May I’ll be doing TWO a month!

So, do you like this feature?  Want an interview of your own?


~ by The Gallery Goddess on January 23, 2012.

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