January 2012 Interview with the artist “Neener” (Christina Stott)

by TheGalleryGoddess

Christina Stott in her studio in southern Massachusetts(See Neener’s website & work HERE)

 1. How long have you known you were an artist?

As far back as I could remember I was drawing. I have several awards from childhood that my grandma kept for me, just to prove what a virtuoso I was.

2. What sparked your interest causing you to pursue this career?

Oi- When I was in high school and they told us to kind of think of career paths all I could think of was my zeal to paint and make stuff. All I want to do is make stuff. Now if only I could get paid….

3. What is your favorite project to date?Neener with RADICAL!

Oh man, I would have to say that my favorite was working with RADICAL! On his huge 30ft wall! I loved being that dude’s helper!

4. Dream job?

I really love creating my own art but I really wouldn’t want to have to depend on myself for a paycheck, I think at this point I would really like to help out other people. I am down to be an apprentice or a helper or a schlepper or someone’s right hand lady. I want to ride around on someone else’s coat tails for a while and not be responsible.

5. If you weren’t an artist what would you be doing for a living?

Oh shit. I don’t know if I ever thought about that. It was never an option to me. I would probably be working a crappy retail job selling overpriced things to snobby women…. Oh wait, I did that. Art don’t pay the bills that’s for sure. Got to have a fall back….. So that’s where the field of arts management comes into play… help out other people and your soul will feel good and maybe someday I’ll get a paycheck.

6. Where do you think your talent came from?

I think my talent and my imagination come from growing up in the middle of nowhere on a farm caused to make my own fun and friends, whether they be drawn or imaginary.

7. Ways to keep creativity flowing on a project?

Ugh, I don’t think so; I try not to work on things for such a long period of time because I lose interest really very quickly. If I put something down I usually don’t go back unless it’s to completely reuse the surface. I have a problem keeping my gusto at times.

8. Who is another artist you look up? Any why?

I don’t think it’s any one particular artist- I think any artist that can make art and do what they want to do whether they get paid or not I look up to. It’s the size of the body of work and the creativity involved. I love people that live their passion, and push it.

9. What’s your advice?

Hahaha, hope you like eating ramen noodles.

10. Fav music- name three?
Right now I am completely addicted to Jurassic 5, Lupe fiasco, and the Black Keys.


Thanks, Neener for the 1st ever interview at TheGalleryGoddess.com!! Please see the recent collaboration between myself, Vicki Bower, The Gallery Goddess, and Neener in “Accidental Animal Homicide: the (macabre) Coloring Book Project” (Facebook, Tumblr) and feel free to join us by coloring pages and scanning and sending them back to Neener (via email) so we can put YOU in our next edition.

If you are an artist that would like an interview, please email me and I’ll make it happen!!

Copyright 2012 Vicki Bower, The Gallery Goddess, www.theGalleryGoddess.com.

All rights reserved.


~ by The Gallery Goddess on January 10, 2012.

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