Lens Length and Other Factors – PictureCorrect Photography Tips and Techniques

   (Article by Stu Eddins)

Lens Length and Other Factors

Perhaps one of the more confusing subjects in the world of digital cameras is lens length. We hear terms like “telephoto”, “wide angle”, “field of view”, “5X” and a host of others to describe our lenses. Then once we get all of that business sorted out we crank in other arcane phrases like “crop factor” and “35mm equivalent”. Is it any wonder that it’s tough to make a decision on a lens? While it is easy to grasp that a longer lens length offers more magnification and a short lens length provides a wider view, it helps to understand what a standard lens length is before we begin making comparisons. There is a way to use math to determine what constitutes a standard lens length for any camera and I’ll add that bit of mathematic fun at the end of this discussion.

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