Overview of Trinity Church: Trinity’s origins actually date back to 1696 when an Anglican parish was formed and the graveyard was leased from the city for the price of one peppercorn a year. The current incarnation of the church (the third) was designed by architect Richard Upjohn in a 19th Century Gothic Revival style in 1846. You may read more about the church here.

How to find this grave: Enter the graveyard on the south side and head towards the largest statue within the yard. This is the John Watts grave.

Who was John Watts? John Watts was a former lawyer, U.S. Congressman and the last Royal Recorder for the City of New York. In this role, recipients of this title would have held a variety of duties including Deputy Mayer, Vice President of the Board of Alderman and Judge of the Court of General Sessions. It is in the wardrobe of this latter function of which Watts is depicted here in his full judicial uniform complete with wig. Watts’ grave towers over all of the markers within the graveyard and features an oversized bronze statue of Watts atop a large granite pedestal.

Website: http://www.trinitywallstreet.org/

Address: 79 Broadway, New York City, NY

Cost: Free.

Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm; Sat-Sun 7am-4pm

IWalked Audio Tours To See This Site: New York City’s Lower Manhattan. (Purchase/download the MP3 tour here. iPhone application tour is available here. Please note, all NYC tours are now available as in-app purchases upon download of our FREE NYC Lite application, which includes a free 1.5 hour tour of a portion of the Upper West Side.)


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