TIME Magazine Picks “Protester” for Person of the Year, Tapping Shepard Fairey for the Cover

New York City.- TIME magazine announced its “Person of the Year” yesterday, debuting the cover of its popular annual special issue at the same time. The winner is “The Protester,” named in honor of 2011’s wide-ranging Arab Spring, the Occupy Wall Street movement, and the recent Russian election rallies. And — surprise, surprise — the “Protester” cover was created by none other than Mr. Hope man himself, street artist and designer Shepard Fairey . The cover itself is a portrait of a protester masked in a mouth-covering scarf and wearing a thick woolen hat set against a monochromatic background of collaged rally scenes — signs are visible in the background reading “we need good jobs” and “people power, not ivory tower.” Below the face of Fairey’s anonymous protester are the outlines of maps showing the battleground of political struggle. The style is classic Fairey, taking influence from Soviet-era propaganda and mixing it with a graphic street-art style and flat blocks of color straight out of stencil culture. The center-weighted portrait is reminiscent of other works Fairey has created in support of political protest and struggle.

More at Art Knowledge News


~ by The Gallery Goddess on December 19, 2011.

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