Olek’s appeal – Our own Yarn Bomber tied up in red tape!

(from Olek, donate on her site)…

WHY do I need your help?


I have never asked for money as I always managed to make my own way… day by day… loop by loop…

But something horrible happened to me recently and I need your help. I have spoken to my lawyer and obviously I cannot say anything about my defence at the moment other than that I vigorously deny any wrongdoing. Once the trial is over, I will be able to answer your questions.

I had to remove the link to my attorney firm as he got too many emails. For press inquires pls contact me first and I will forward it to him: olekinfo@gmail.com or +447526 100 741

Based on the responses I got after sending msgs  I have to say that this IS NOT A SPAM or SCAM.

I am encouraging you to read below.

Here is a statement:

“Olek recently arrived in London in order to fulfill a variety of professional engagements; the first of which was to donate a piece of art work to a charitable organization. On October 6th after donating a piece of her art to the charity at a show in London, Olek was involved in an incident with a drunk and aggressive male who behaved reprehensibly.

The incident happened extremely quickly and not knowing anyone in London or able to access her cell phone for numbers she was swept up into the legal system and treated very poorly. This has resulted in very serious charges being leveled against her which she strenuously denies. She has not even had the chance to state her case before a Court and she must await a statutory timetable before she can present her case properly.

She has now been fortunate enough to be referred on to an appropriate lawyer to defend her against these entirely false allegations, but effective legal representation in cases like this comes at a cost. Today, she needs your help to assist her to get through this terrible and unfair ordeal. At the moment she is facing serious charges with a risk of custody if she is not represented properly and able to expose the untruths and falsehoods in the allegations made against her.”

Can you help?

I am at the moment forced to remain in the UK.  My new lawyer was able to assist me to finally change my bail conditions and travel to Poland for two shows. We were also able to get rid of a curfew…. Oh yeah! For over a month I had to stay home between 8pm – 6am each night and wear a plastic tracking bracelet around my ankle. This was of itself beyond comprehension to me. It was clearly in place simply because I am not a British citizen and did not have access to proper representation.

This is all the more worrying if I can’t continue to finance my current lawyers, as without the support that I am now pleading for, there is the risk of an even bigger injustice.

I am still making art, getting ready for a show in Tony’s Gallery in London … but I had to cancel so many events as I am not able to travel…. I do hope it will change soon. The worst is, I cannot do what I love the most: street art. So, if you really like my art, pls help me to get back on my feet and cover this world in crocheted camo pattern.

I tried to apply for emergency grants but I was told I do not qualify. I cannot even use pages like kickstarter to find funds to help me fight this unfortunate incident. That’s why I do really need you!

Once it is over, I can tell stories about how I’ve learned a head stand after being in the cell for 5 days, about people I met behind prison walls… or why I want to come back there to teach how to crochet and give them hope for a better tomorrow.

Many Ways To HELP

now….. I have to raise funds …  if every person who watched the video of me crocheting the Wall Street Bull gave me $1, I would have more than enough! I love making art, and I know you enjoy experiencing it. I hope you find something interesting in the selection below… and if there is anything else you like from my web site, pls ask!

I do need your help, and I hope you can donate any amount and then send this link to at least 5 -10 of your good friends.

You can choose from:

$5 donation  – I will send you jpg of your initials.. crocheted of course! 

$10 donation – postcard (6″x4″) of the Wall Street Bull

( If you are interested in acquiring The Wall Street Bull print 20″x30″ ($200), pls contact Sales@jonathanlevinegallery.com)

$15 donation – 2 postcards (6″x4″) : one of the Wall Street Bull and one with hearts

$20 donation – 9″x8- C-print of Knitting Is For Pus****, an installation that went to the Smithsonian Museum to be part of the show 40 under 40 that opens in July 2012.

$50 donation – 12″x8″ – C-print of Knitting Is For Pus****, an installation that went to the Smithsonian Museum to be part of the show 40 under 40 that opens in July 2012.

$200 donation -18″x12″ –  C-print of Knitting Is For Pus****, an installation that went to the Smithsonian Museum to be part of the show 40 under 40 that opens in July 2012.

$20 donation – 9″x6″- C-print of Justice

To know the origin of the title, pls click here

$50 donation – 12″x8″ – C-print of Justice

$200 donation – 18″x12″- C-print of Justice

$20 donation – 9″x6″ – C-print of London taxi

$50 donation – 12″x8″ – C-print of London taxi

$200 donation – 18″x12″ – C-print of London taxi

$100 donation – 14″x10″ – C-print of homage to Keith Haring and Annie Leibovitz

$250 donation
– crocheted heart (approximately 12″x12″ )

$400 donation – crocheted Union Jack Flag (approximately 22″x16″)

$4000 donation – crocheted Personalized Text Message (approximately 48″x38″ )

(sample txt msg)

$10,000 – crocheted commissioned piece (for example piano)

Please specify what would you like to receive in exchange. I will start sending items in mid January unless it is urgent matter.

Thank you… I really appreciate your help

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thank you

Ways to make a contribution:

you can click here

or send a personal check to: Agata Oleksiak, 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

buzi buzi

thank you for helping me to fight it!

if you have any questions, pls email me olekinfo@gmail.com

Press about the issue:

Crime and Crochet

Bowery Boogie




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