This building, while currently going by the rather unoriginal and blasé name of 195 Broadway, was originally known as the American Telephone & Telegraph Company (or AT&T) Building. AT&T hired architect William Welles Bosworth in 1913 to design their new headquarters completed here in 1923. AT&T had previously been headquartered in Boston from 1885 to 1910. AT&T remained at this site until 1984 when it moved to a new space on Madison Avenue.

The former AT&T Building is of interest to viewers for two interesting elements. The first is the high usage of Doric columns throughout the building. If you take a couple of moments to admire this structure you’ll note that columns surround each of the bronze decorated windows from the first floor to the 29th. Someone took the time to count these and there are supposedly 198 columns in total.

The other less visible element, unless you are able to finagle your way inside the building, is that 195 Broadway supposedly lays claim to the highest usage of marble of any building in New York. Each piece of marble had to be barged in from New Jersey before being carted to this site. The building’s architect William Bosworth reportedly oversaw this process personally as he inspected each piece individually to ensure it matched the others. His quality assurance standards were supposedly so strict that tons of rejected marble had to be returned.


Website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/195_Broadway

Address: 195 Broadway, New York City, NY

Cost: Free.

IWalked Audio Tours To See This Site: New York City’s Lower Manhattan


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