OMG Commercialism! Christie’s Enlists Broadway’s Spiderman to Help Sell a Louise Bourgeois

     After entaglement in some poor recent sales performance, Christie’s New York art auction house has decided to kick it up a notch.

     In its desperation and an attempt to boost confidence, “the auction house staged an absurd PR stunt outside”  Rockefeller Center, using Spiderman himself to embellish the 11 foot estimated 4-6 million Louise Bourgeois spider sculpture.

     The only one who seemed to be unimpressed by the superhero’s agility demonstration and concerned about the actual work of art was Christie’s senior postwar and contemporary art specialist, Laurie Paulson. “It’s exciting because the estimate is very conservative — it’s $4-6 million,” she said of the artwork. “We’ve seen prices over that range for much smaller-scale spiders. This is something that really is going to be sought-after.”

What of the original meaning of the art beyond seeing it as an income opportunity?

     Louise Bourgeois, who died in 2010 was eloquent in explaining the piece as an homage to her mother, a protective woman skilled in weaving. Who cares though, when you can have Spiderman

source: ArtInfo


~ by The Gallery Goddess on November 7, 2011.

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