Stillness is a rare thing in today’s world.  People rarely even sit down to eat.  When we do, we are checking our email and updating our facebook at the same time. In my case, there’s the added auditory stimuli of the apartment upstairs, the din of NY, the sirens, the train, the baby that never stops crying across the way.  Even when still, the world is still a hectic mess flying past me.  There’s no “pause” button to push to take a quick breather before moving on to the next ten-things-at-once.

   When I take time out to create, the lode imposed on my faculties forces me to physically slow down, and normally my mind and pulse follow suit. If I can stay at it for about a solid 20 minutes without interruption, maybe with some amazing music on, I go into what I call a “REM art mode” … a deep almost meditative lull.  Here I am at my best, “in the zone.”  In this vortex of creative energy, my talents are honed and my imagination more vivid.  I start to find focus. The fortunate byproduct of this is clarity. And there we are.

This reminded me of something someone I recently met has enlightened me with what would be the prequel to that attained clarity : 

“May confusion dawn as wisdom.”  –Gampopa (1079-1153)



Incidental clarity (Cancer 13) By howard.hall

when seeking stillness
we sometimes stumble upon
clarity as well”


~ by The Gallery Goddess on October 6, 2011.

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