What is a Portrait? Part II

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portraitAfter much research, I have yet to definitively pin down universally-accepted guidelines as to the exact specifications that create the distinction that labels a (human?) likeness to be a portrait.

I did, however come up with some video resources for people wishing to create portraits in a variety of mediums.

Portrait drawing tutorials:

Part 1 How to map out the face – Proportions by Pinsetter1991 on YouTube:

Speed Drawing Painting How to draw a portrait from photo by Stefan Pabst


David Gray:

Learn how to paint a portrait, with Bud Lustenhouwer:


How to Sculpt the Portrait in Clay – sculptclay.com by Steve LeGrand:



Crispy Hero

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Look into the mirror.
Get past the exterior.
You’ve got no one to thank,
But you.

Your pedestal sank
As did your rank.
It couldn’t be clearer,

-Vicki Bower

(Something I wrote up that I wanted to share.)

The Immortals: Jessica Cross Davis | SU Art Galleries

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Here’s an exhibition you shouldn’t miss, featuring a new favorite of mine, Jess Cross Davis:

The Immortals: Jessica Cross Davis | SU Art Galleries.

Jess’ work  is also going to be exhibited at 386 Gallery in Albany, NY.  The opening reception is June 7, at 6pm.

Your Career Needs a Top-Notch Public Image by Bruce Kasanoff | LinkedIn

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How you represent yourself online can have a direct impact on your wallet. Bruce Kasanoff outlines how important it is to proactively manage your public image.

Still maintaining your individuality as a human entity without allowing your own imperfect humanity to sabotage yourself is a modern challenge that we can painfully learn through trial and error.

Read this article on LinkedIn to get an understanding of how to deliberately develop the public image you wish to present through the use of social media with success as your goal.

Today I am 44

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Today I am 44. I am looking forward with positivity and putting newly acquired knowledge after graduating January 22 to good use.  I am hoping for an upgrade in lifestyle to last year’s college-student chaos. I am in the process of moving by June 1st to at least a semi-permanent residence and can’t wait for a calm, creatively-charged and peaceful home.

I have my head on straight and am ready to hit the ground running!

The Gallery Goddess, Vicki Bower, at 44

The Gallery Goddess, Vicki Bower, at 44

The meanings of the number 44:

Mark Twain and the number 44.

44 is a Stormer number

Wikipedia says 44 is a tribonacci number, an octahedral number and the number of derangements of 5 items.

Yahoo Answers the numerology of 44.

What Does The Number 44 Mean? on Blurtit.com

InternetSlang’s answer.

Michael Cheek at 44

Obama and the number 44

Have a great day!!

Longtime ‘Young & the Restless’ star Jeanne Cooper dies at 84

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I have been watching Young and The Restless since I was 2. I had to repost this. Jeanne Cooper was a role model of strength for many women and their kids as she worked as a soap opera star. She was beautiful, strong and adventurous, on screen and off!
She will be missed. Forever.
Vicki, The Gallery Goddess

What is a Portrait? part 1

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My next show at 386 Gallery in Albany, NY is a portrait show. I wanted to give a few of my artists the definition of  “portrait.” It remains a very diverse descriptor!

I ended up on quite the journey, starting with the National Galleries of Scotland:

National Galleries of Scotland

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